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Firms to unveil AI innovations at AI-4D showcase

IN a landmark event for Guyana’s technology sector, V75 Inc, a prominent Guyanese technology firm, in collaboration with TrueSelph Inc, the International Development Bank (IDB) Lab, and Jaseci Labs LLC, is gearing up to host the eagerly awaited AI for Development (AI-4D) Showcase, scheduled for November 24, 2023, at the Guyana Marriott Conference Centre in Georgetown; the AI-4D Showcase promises a transformative expo experience, highlighting AI innovations across various sectors.

Themed "Democratising AI," the one-day event aims to unveil cutting-edge AI innovations in transportation logistics, healthcare, customer service, education, and more. It marks a historic milestone in Guyana’s technological evolution, positioning the nation as a key player in the global AI industry.

A highlight of the showcase is the grand unveiling of "TrueSelph," an internationally applicable, endogenous AI platform. TrueSelph, funded by IDB Lab and with technical support from V75 Inc. and Jaseci Labs LLC, aspires to propel Guyana’s technological journey.

The platform aims to foster endogenous innovation, facilitate upskilling and job creation, and inspire research and development.

TrueSelph Inc. is on a mission to bridge the digital divide in developing countries, targeting 15 local organizations to benefit from fully funded AI enablement support.

Engaging various sectors such as hospitality, medical, customer service, insurance, human services, and transport logistics, TrueSelph Inc. is committed to making AI accessible and beneficial to diverse industries.

Eldon Marks, Founder of V75 Inc and co-founder of TrueSelph Inc, emphasised the practical aspect of the showcase, aiming to dispel myths and showcase AI’s incredible potential for boosting productivity and saving costs.

Marks stated, "We wanted to give regular folks an idea of what AI can bring and why they need to have a level perspective from a practitioner’s point of view of the amazing technologies that we have at our disposal today."

The AI-4D Showcase will feature esteemed speakers, including Eldon Marks, Founder of V75 Inc and co-founder/CEO of TrueSelph Inc, Jason Mars, Founder of Jaseci Labs LLC and co-founder of TrueSelph, and Lorena Solorzano Salazar, Country Representative for IDB Guyana.

Marks encouraged a broad audience to attend the event, particularly those in the business sector considering the integration of AI into their operations.

Free sign-ups for funded AI enablement support will be offered, providing an opportunity for individuals working on AI-related projects to receive advice and potential funding.

Expressing gratitude for the support received, Marks acknowledged the crucial role played by IDB Lab, the Office of the Prime Minister, and the industry and innovation unit in driving innovation in the country.

To learn more about this ground-breaking advancement or register for the event, interested individuals can visit the AI-4D or V75 Inc event page on Facebook. The showcase promises to be a pivotal moment in Guyana’s technological landscape, marking its ascent as a significant player in the global AI industry.