Selph Kiosk

$1500 / kiosk

Introducing the Selph Kiosk, powered by the innovative TrueSelph platform — our hardware device designed to bring your customized AI interactions into the physical realm. Our kiosk is optimized to deliver an immersive, interactive AI experience virtually anywhere. Whether placed in retail spaces, corporate lobbies, or special event venues, the Selph Kiosk blends sophisticated technology with user-friendly functionality to engage users in real-time, personalized interactions.

Powering each Selph Kiosk is the robust TrueSelph Kiosk App, designed to deliver smooth and engaging user interactions. The software ensures a seamless interface for users to engage with your AI, supported by continuous updates for enhanced performance and security, providing a reliable and dynamic user experience tailored to meet various interaction needs.

The device is securely housed in a high-quality security enclosure complete with a tether, ensuring it remains safe and stationary in its designated environment. This setup not only protects the device from theft and tampering but also maintains its aesthetic integrity in high-traffic areas, allowing for peace of mind and uninterrupted user engagement.

Experience interactivity at its best with the Selph Kiosk's 11" multitouch display. This responsive, high-resolution screen offers users an intuitive and engaging way to interact with the AI, featuring smooth navigation and clear visual output. Its user-friendly interface makes information easily accessible, providing a satisfying and efficient user experience.

Stay connected no matter where you are. The Selph Kiosk comes equipped with both WiFi and 4G LTE capabilities, ensuring constant connectivity for uninterrupted service. This dual connectivity option provides flexibility and reliability in various locations, allowing you to deploy your Selph Kiosk in both indoor and outdoor environments without concern for network stability.