Funded AI Enablement


Unlock the future of technology within your startup or organization with our transformative Funded AI Enablement Program. Geared exclusively towards startups and developing organizations in emerging markets, our initiative is your gateway to ushering in cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence to enhance your operational strategies. Secure the breakthrough your business needs, facilitated by the robust backing of the IDB Lab.

Embark on a journey of innovation with our Funded Innovation Strategy Consulting. Tailored exclusively to your needs, we harness a distinct mix of industry insights and AI expertise to blueprint a path that aligns technology with your strategic goals. Get ready to reimagine the scope and impact of your services or products.

Step into the realm of possibility with our Funded Solution Development. From automating processes to enhancing analytical capabilities, we offer bespoke AI solutions developed specifically to solve your unique challenges. Transcend traditional barriers in your business processes, with full financial backing for up to 12 months.

Integration is just the beginning. With our Funded Subscription for up to 12 Months, continue to excel without the hassle of additional costs. We provide ongoing SAAS support to ensure smooth operation and optimization of your new AI tools. Maximize the utility of your innovative solutions, and drive uncompromised growth.

Embark on your path to transformation with absolutely no financial risk, no binding obligations, and all to gain. Our program is a no-brainer deal designed to propel startups like yours into the era of digital agility and innovation. Don’t let resources limit your potential; let’s unlock it together.